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29 Jun 2017

Heal His Heart

by Natalie Moore


When Lieutenant Corban McAlister returned from Afghanistan, he was awarded with the gold Medal of Honor for his heroic deeds whilst serving in the military. If only he felt as heroic. Despite the fact that he saved so many lives, he had to also deal with loss. Ridden with guilt, he was slipping further into depression.

And with the arrival of his ex-girlfriend Alley Jamison, things changed drastically. Having dated when they were both at university, Corban had made the call to end the relationship after he enlisted in the military. He was completely convinced that she would have moved on, but he was so wrong.

Alley never really got over Corban, and when she bumped...

26 Jun 2017

Wounds into Wisdom

by Kristie Higgins

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Set in 1969, in this parallel sequel to “Chivalry,” Candy O’Neil is a strong young woman who has risen from one problem after another her entire life. Drugs have ruined her family, her brother steals money she earns from her job as a groom at Belmont Park, and now her best friend has been kidnapped and is presumed dead. Feeling she has no other choice, she escapes, hitchhiking out of New York to find a new life. After an unsuccessful attempt at modeling, she goes back to grooming horses, this time at Pimlico in Baltimore. There, she meets a horse trainer who is strong, financially secure, knows what he wants, and can help her. This time it must be...